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Our Preventative Maintenance Program is a great way to keep your lid sealed up tight! CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE! We stay on top of all the important work that needs to be performed in order to maintain your roofing system.  The Bullet Construction Roof Maintenance Program includes:

  • True Customer Service
  • Bi-annual Roof Evaluation and Report
    • Identify any weak areas
      • Missing or loose Screws
      • Damaged panels
      • Missing or damaged shingles
      • Missing or damaged flashing
      • Structural Issues
      • Sealant failures
      • Ect.
    • Remove debris from roofing system (trim tree branches directly above roofing up to 6′)
  • Snow removal
  • Ensure Proper & Adequate Drainage
  • Owner Consultation Before Any Action is Taken
  • Provide Repairs Based on Owner Consultation to Maintain the Integrity of the Roof
  • Next Day Follow up

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